• Kevin Schmidt
  • One Way To Ensure Your Food Is Safe To Eat

    If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you probably wondered where and how it happened. Right?

    You might think of the last meal you had. Perhaps you had a sandwich at a fast food chain. The light goes off in your head and you’re getting somewhere by narrowing down the location.

    But then another light goes off. Was it the bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, dressing, meat (or veggie substitute) that caused you to get sick? Was it poor packaging, flawed storing, improper processing? Oh, my! How will you ever know?

    What if you discovered it was the meat? Now you have to go deeper.

    The packing plant that sold the meat to the sandwich store chain gets its meat from three different “meat yards”. How can you know which one? And if you can find out, what action do you take?

    You don’t want anyone else getting sick. So, you drill down and find out where the meat came from on the day you got sick. You think the problem will be solved when you bring it to their attention. Not so fast. The “meat yard” has 1,000 acres separated into 50 acre sections. What section did the sickness come from?

    This is too much.

    Rubbing your head and belly from the sickness, you decide the problem will just fix itself. And to be safe, you won’t eat at that sandwich shop again. Ha… until you find out other restaurants get their meat from the same place.

    Luckily for you, finding out all the details of the meat’s origin, and tracking every step back to your belly has been simplified.

    Most major food distributors require that the farmer, rancher, etc., keep track of it for you in what’s referred to as GAP or Good Agriculture Practices.

    This is another step in good farming. It helps ensure accurate records are kept, proper food handling is practiced, tracking where and when the food is shipped, and from exactly where it was grown and handled on the farm beforehand.

    Not all farms can do this of course. It’s a lot of work.

    But at Doodley Dee’s Farm, we are going the extra mile for our clients, who we greatly appreciate, by getting our GAP Certification.


    Here I am on the first step of this process, getting the certificate of completion towards this end.

    We take our farming seriously, which means we take our clients’ health and prosperity seriously, too. That’s why we continue to go the extra distance, striving for excellence in all that we do at our family farm.

    So here’s to good eat’n.

    Farmer Kevin

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