• Kevin Schmidt
  • Saving And Restoring Native Fish Species To Caddo Lake

    How The Government Can Do Something Right… (which is not often)

    A large transport truck backs up to the lake ramp hauling a tank full of old friends. The prehistoric Paddle Fish that once thrived in Caddo Lake are being reintroduced to their native waters.

    Caddo Lake

    The Wildlife and Fisheries folks had sincere pleasure in their eyes when showing the Paddle Fish off to the onlookers before the big release into the wild.

    I, Farmer Kevin, was left with a positive impression (for the first time) from government workers who truly cared about restoring and preserving a natural habitat for future generations. What a wonderful event to observe firsthand!

    Caddo Lake Fish

    These “little babies” were on average 18 inches long and full of vigor. Once released, we could see them exploring their new home. And I had visions of Mel Gibson in Braveheart yelling out “FREEDOM!” as they went from the tank to open waters.

    Caddo Lake View

    Doodley Dee’s Farm tips our hat to The Wildlife and Fisheries for a job well done. And we thank all of you for your continued loyal support of our family’s organic farm and The Venue.

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    Thanks again,

    Farmer Kevin