• Kevin Schmidt
  • Some People Don't Want You To Be Healthier... Why?

     And Run From The Way We Have Been Forced To Eat…
    Before You Make The Decision To Be Healthier… Be Careful Because Some People Don’t Want You To…

    Here’s Why… 

    Watch out because the powers that be have just “found” a new disorder for people like you who wish to be healthier.

    If you have been making conscience decisions to eat higher quality foods rich in vitamins & minerals and free from all the poison that goes into most foods… Then you should be applauded. But some think making the right choices is just too much.

    There is a group of psychiatrist that think you must be crazy for wanting to feed your loved ones wholesome foods. These big brother types have been so generous to give us our own disorder: “orthorexia nervosa”.

    This is not a joke. To read just one article on this click the link below:



    Change Is In The Air…

    Walk into any larger grocery store chain on Main Street, USA and you’re likely to find an organic section. The reason, simple – their customers are asking for it and demanding it.

    No real science to that. People have started to wake up to the fact that the way food has been grown in the USA is not good for them. The grocery stores are in business to make money by selling food, thus to stay competitive they have to add organic products to their shelves.

    Now here’s where big brother’s problem comes to play. If the big agriculture model of massive fields of mono grown produce does not thrive with pesticides, genetically modified foods, soil destroying fertilizers, etc…, then that erodes the power & financial resources of the “big boys”.

    I can promise these fella’s will not go down without a fight. They are beginning to lose the information war… but ohhh, not so fast. This new propaganda campaign to describe healthy life style choices as a disorder is a powerful weapon in their new battle.

    How is this absurd new label a weapon for them… because surely people will see through it… Right? A reasonable person might ask this question. The answer is pretty easy… Nobody wants to be labeled a crazy person. So good people keep their healthy life style eating choices as quiet as they can. Then they don’t say much about anything pertaining to the issue.

    Alas, they must first label good folks who want to give their kids & loved ones clean nutrient dense foods as over-the-top crazies. Well… we will see how that non-sense plays out.

    In the meantime, I believe that most people would enjoy getting to know their local farmers and see first hand where their food comes from (which there are few small local farmers left and the ones still alive are disappearing quickly). The survival of locally grown wholesome food by your local farmer depends solely on your support.

    One of our motto’s here at Doodley Dee’s Farm is; “Feed your body and mind what is needed for you & your loved ones to be happy and healthy.” To do that requires running away from poisoned food that slowly fills the body with toxins. 

    Everyday more people are changing what’s on the shelves at the grocery store in a positive way. We will continue to be steadfast here at our farm by growing only the best foods for our family & yours.

    Our aquaponic & permaculture techniques are simply amazing. You, your family, & friends are welcome to see it first hand here at the farm. Plus you can get to know your farmer right here. Go to the contact us tab and call now to schedule a visit. Look forward to seeing y’all.

    As always, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm we will share our knowledge with you… please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating,

    Farmer Kevin