• Kevin Schmidt
  • Using Slopes To Create Food Security & Abundance

    How We Have Started To Build All Natural Food Forest...

    On Surfaces Most People Would Consider A Useless Hill

    What looks like a muddy mess now will soon be natural food abundance that anyone can do on a small piece of land.

    On this slope are 10 food forest swells each about 120 feet long and 20 feet wide. As you can see from the picture above the water snakes through each swell overflowing into the next. This acts as a water speed bump on the slope allowing the water to soak in rather than just run down the hill. Afterwards the water flows into a swallow natural pond that we are in the process of turning into a larger pond (if it will ever stop raining).


    (The food forest below has over 30 varieties of fruits and veggies... we will share more about this in upcoming videos)


    The design of this food forest has citrus & other fruit trees that grow in zone 8 (Texas) on the outer perimeter, with the canopy nut trees in the center. The reason to place the fruit trees on the edge is to make it easier to harvest.

    Another design feature is to have certain fruit trees ready for harvest during every season. That way we can provide a constant supply of healthy fruits year around for our loyal clients (and for ourselves).

    Everything is planted for a purpose from the canopy trees, dwarf fruit trees, shrubs, to ground cover which all aid each other. For example the ground cover provides nitrogen and their roots till up the soil making the ground better for the other plants. Plus planting beneficial companion plants reduces much of the work that is required in traditional mono-crop orchards.

    As we continue to develop this process of food abundance in accordance with nature’s laws, we will share in more detail the types of plants and how we are doing it by video. Stay tuned.

    As always, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm we share our knowledge with you… please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating.


    Farmer Kevin