• Kevin Schmidt
  • At Last… Announcing – Wholesome Delicious Veggies Directly To You…

    It's Here...

    Discover How To Get Your Great Tasting Organic Food From Your Local Farmer


    The seeds have been planted – so off to the races to see what sprouts first. Will it be the crisp romaine, kale, red fire lettuce, or one of the spicy pepper varieties? You can be the first to know.

    The local outcry for Doodley Dee’s to provide organic tasty food to our friends & neighbors has been…. Let’s just say at a minimum - Overwhelming.

    Introducing the solution… more organic greenhouses.

    The new greenhouse space has allowed your family to be one of our main focuses.



    So Coming Soon – once a month events at Doodley Dee’s Farm to get all the great organic veggies your hearts desire (the fruit will be next year – it takes time they just don’t start fruiting – great fruit will come to those who wait).

    As the veggies get closer to harvest we will set a date for those who may wish to participate in the fun of harvest. Then once a month afterwards we will have a harvest event full of great times for yourself & the family. And by harvest time our organic certification should be here and proudly displayed.

    And on those event days, Doodley Dee’s will be offering a variety of local family grown organic veggies on a first come – first serve basis, grown right here at our farm. So don’t be late when we set the date.

    Get to know where good food comes from. Visit Doodley Dee’s Farm.

    To get the best selection during harvest you must know when to come. If you’re not already, Sign Up to receive our free blog that in several weeks will list out the coming harvest dates.

    Thank all of you soooo much for the continued support. Here at Doodley Dee’s we are as anxious as you to begin providing you & your family great delicious food.

    All we can do now is wait and watch the veggies grow.

    Here’s to good eating & seeing you in the coming months here at the Doodley Dee’s Farm.

    Farmer Kevin