• Kevin Schmidt
  • One Secret To Removing Solids Out Of Swirl Tanks

    The Perfect Solution To Reducing The Work Load In The Fish Room...

    Those of you that follow our progress and who may have your own aquaponics systems know the cleaning involved with Swirl Filters. 

    Lowering the work load around our system and entire farm is an ongoing effort of implementing & testing ideas.

    Every morning we drain our 4 swirl filters into five gallon buckets using the waste water as a fertilizer for our food forest. I must say... it works better than anything we could ever buy at the store.

    Yet once a week we have to brush the solids off the walls of the swirl tanks pushing them down to the bottom. Well NO MORE!!!

    Somewhere (I wish I could remember where because we love giving proper credit), I recently read how putting fish into the swirl filters allows the fish to do the work for you.

    To test this labor saving idea, my sister Ashley brought some fish with her out to the farm this morning to give it a try. After about half a day, the fish have been brushing up against the side walls of the tanks. And to our delight, we took one more task off of our list of the daily "To Do's".

    As you can see, the little goldfish have already cleaned off much of the sidewall debris without us having to do any scrubbing. HA... So the idea seems to work. Another small victory in reducing our labor.

    It's a good day when an animal, bird, fish, or some other technique can be used to offset human labor at the farm. That means more time for us to enjoy the fruits of natures labor.

    As always, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm we share our knowledge with you… please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating.

    Farmer Kevin