• Kevin Schmidt
  • How You Can Special Order The Food You Want…

    From Our Farm To Your Door

    HELP… We Need Your Suggestions.

    Going online to order fresh organic veggies (and later this year free range chicken meat) has never been easier.

    You will SOON be able to make a few clicks on your computer and have clean tasty family grown produce delivered directly to your front door. But… all the backend stuff you never need to concern yourself about is still being implemented. Stuff like the shipping boxes are on order, the commercial mail labelers are coming, the backend accounting software is being worked out, shipping deals are being negotiated, etc…

    It all takes time, but worth the wait.

    So HELP us decide what to grow for you. Send us an email requesting the types of veggies that you’d like to see us grow.

    Then we will gather the most popular and test it out. Right now our main greenhouse is packed with romaine, red fire lettuce, summer crisp lettuce, kale, a huge variety of basil, tomatoes, and assorted peppers. These grow great in our system. Plus, they taste phenomenal.

     So please… send us your suggestions.

    That way we can start growing them now. Then, by the time all the business details get worked out, the organic veggies will be ready for harvest and sent to you.

    As always, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm we share our knowledge with you… please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating.

    Farmer Kevin