• Kevin Schmidt
  • Big New Pretty Schools… What Else Can Be Done For The Kids?

    We must do more for the kids!

    We must have a new school for the kids!

    We must build a new stadium for the kids! And on… and on… and on it goes.

    The Madness Never Seems to Stop

    These issues go on everywhere.

    And it’s been the debate amongst my friends recently in Marshall. I find it perplexing… allow me to explain why, because it touches almost everyone everywhere.

    The bigger issue continues to be missed...

    While people debated over a new school building bond or not, the school district just kept pumping toxic food into our children.

    Look, it's magic! The school district waives its left hand high in the air drawing attention to shiny new school buildings (or whatever)… Then the other hand crams poison into their bodies. Just like any magic show, nobody sees the other hand pulling off the trick.

    (HEY! Maybe you didn’t catch that in the previous paragraph – it’s poison – literally poison - much of it kills rats!)

    Forget the buildings, we must focus on the bodies of our kids (and ourselves). How can the mind mature and grow properly when the body stays full of poison?

    Few people, and mostly none in these debates talked about the pesticides, GMO’s, fluoride, and other toxic chemicals we are shoving down the throats of these kids.

    Literally treating our kids as a toxic dump.

    The kids have no choice. They get hungry so they eat what’s in front of them. And what is given to them is a mass crime against humanity.

    At least the kids will be poisoned in a nicer schoolhouse.

    What should we do? We should demand that the schools provide nutrient dense organic food for our kids. There’s a start.

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    Here’s to good eating,

    Farmer Kevin