• Kevin Schmidt
  • Predators Are Coming…And You'll Want To Know When They Are Near

    We have wrestled with what type of creature would be the best alarm system to warn us of wild predators. Well, we’ve found it…

    Geese will tell you, and loudly, that someone or something is in the fields or near them. Obnoxious hooping and hollering from the geese creates a string of funny events.

    Obviously, the geese aren’t the best predator deterrent… or maybe they are in this chain of events.

    First, the Mastiff suddenly wakes up as if he wasn’t sleeping at all. Then instantly takes off around the main perimeter jumping and running like a crazed horse. All the while barking like a drunken sailor wanting to pick a fight.

    First, the head raises… then he's off to the races.

    Secondly, the horses begin talking to each other, which sounds like they are saying, “Hey, what’s that dog see? We better go check the perimeter, too!”  I’ve yet to have a camera on me to capture the horses checking the perimeter.

    Here’s one of the horses with Dee Dee (my beautiful mother).

    Thirdly, we come to the new, soon-to-be real predator deterrents. But for now, when all the other creatures are scrambling around, they think it's time to see what’s going on. They lazily wake up from a deep sleep. Suddenly forgetting that there is any commotion to see, they struggle to find out which one of them can drink the most water.

    These cute little white fur balls are Great Pyrenees. When they get a tad older they are the breed you want protecting all the other animals at night.

    Lastly, after remembering something is going on that they need to check out. They fumble around clumsily in a mad attempt to sniff out the matter.


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    Here’s to good eating.

    Farmer Kevin