• Kevin Schmidt
  • News Flash… Local Farmers Fight To Preserve Independence

    Let us remember during this 4th of July that we are winning back some of our stolen freedoms by supporting local organic farmers who are fighting for clean food.

    As Big Agriculture companies (Big Ag) lobby to restrict your right from knowing what’s in the food supply, Doodley Dee’s Farm transparently let’s you know our food is pure and grown with a deep concern for your health.

    We fight to liberate our local friends and neighbors from misinformation told by the big corporations who force us to eat poison without our consent. They only care about profits. While profits are important, they are not the only matter.

    The freedom to know what you’re eating is what’s important to us. In most cases, the freedom of food choice is denied by the power of Big Ag.

    Big food corporations shove GMOs and many harmful chemicals down our throats, depriving us of the right to know what’s in the food.

    The powers that be, stripping us from our rightful knowledge and health, are slowly being defeated. We are beginning to show signs that we can win the cause of clean food liberty - all by you exercising your freedom by voting with your food dollars to support wholesome, locally grown food.

    Stepping Up The Fight For Food Liberty…

    Here at Doodley Dee’s Farm, we take independence seriously. The 4th is not just a day of enjoying lakes and BBQ (even though we do enjoy that, too).

    Every 4th of July our family reads the Declaration of Independence to one another. Why? Some might ask. Simple. To further instill and remember what it takes to preserve freedom. And I’m not talking soldiers and war. I’m talking about the responsibility each of us has to prevent the trampling of our rights here at home.

    This takes time to reflect and think, then we plan and implement positive actions to do a small part in liberating ourselves, and our food.

    Doodley Dee’s is dedicated to preserving your right to eat GMO free food. That includes helping remove you from the poisonous shackles of pesticides, harmful additives, and other chemicals that rob your health.

    This Is The Heart Of An Organic Farmer's Pride

    Our family pride comes from using our independence to strengthen our friends and family. We do so by offering a real food choice.

    The pride of growing wholesome food for you is made stronger through our efforts by turning the tide of the harmful soil eroding practices, along with earth killing chemicals propagated by big corporations. We are making the positive, corrective changes one local farmer at a time. Thank you for standing with us.

    Enjoy your Independence Day and thanks for stopping by.

    Don’t forget… Saturday, July 11th, there will be a FREE tour at the farm starting at 10:30am. The tour is a lot of fun and educational for all. Make sure to email or call to inform us you’re coming. Please bring your own water. The farm address is below.

    Doodley Dee's Farm
    3853 FM 1999
    Karnack, Texas 75661

    Please share our blog and website with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Us local farmers depend on you spreading the word.

    As always, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm we share our knowledge with you – please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating… and happy 4th.

    Farmer Kevin