• Kevin Schmidt
  • What the Big Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know

    For centuries people have been experimenting with cures for every physical ailment - from inflammation, toothaches, headaches, insomnia, to cancer. You name it and somebody somewhere has found a remedy.

    Many are ‘ole wives tales’ that work and some that don’t.

    In my family’s health journey, we have mostly come to distrust Big Pharma as a natural first instinct. Why? Just listen to the side effects during a drug commercial. If the original problem is bad, the side effects can be even worse.

    Adding to our distrust, Big Pharma and companies that make GMOs (genetically modified foods) have passed through the House of Representatives a federal ban preventing us from knowing if food has GMOs in it. Now this bill is off to the Senate for approval, to keep us ignorant of the truth. (Unless you call your Senate office and tell them to pass mandatory GMO labeling).

    Follow the money and it’s easy to see. Provide a problem - in this case, food that causes ill health over time and few people know it’s the poison in the food that is causing the complication. Then provide the “solution”, which are Big Pharma drugs.

    Buy the food that causes your sickness. Buy the mostly toxic medication that cures your previous sickness. This is a cycle that will not end until we all demand clean, wholesome food.

    Save Your Health Naturally - Here’s How…

    10 Super Herbs and Supplements That Have The Power To Save Your Life 

    1. Turmeric – Decreases inflammation and builds the immune system, stops diarrhea, headaches, bronchitis and lung infections. 
    2. Olive Leaf – Acts as a natural antibiotic to aid the body in fighting off infections, diseases, and vigorously promotes the immune system.
    3. Cats Claw – Helps reduce arthritis swelling, stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue, asthma, hay fever and viral diseases.
    4. Echinacea – Assists acid indigestion, gum disease, the common cold and flu.
    5. Black Seed Oil – Fights cancer and diabetes, promotes liver health, cuts fat, keeps skin moist and youthful, and increases hair beauty and strength. 
    6. Goldenseal – Supports curing urinary tract infections, internal bleeding, cancer, cold sores, blisters, malaria, whooping cough, common cold, stuffy nose, eye infections and constipation.
    7. Colloidal Silver – Used to treat nose and throat congestion, cancer, eye and skin infections, and burns.
    8. Raw Bitter Apricots (B-17) – May reduce or eliminate most cancers.
    9. Olive Oil – Lessens the risk of heart disease. 
    10. Aspirin – Thins the blood to decrease heart disease.

    My personal experience has shown that when I use these or similar herbs, nuts, supplements, and oils for whatever the ailment is at the time… I have always felt better afterwards.

    Tens of thousands of examples can be found where people have been cured of ailments without traditional medicine. Those alternatives have been the first choice for me, and they’ve worked.

    Now, I am not against medical advancement. It is good to always be looking for better ways through nature and science to help keep our fellow man healthy and happy.

    Yet, when science ignores or acts condescendingly toward nature… then that’s the sign of a scam. Big Pharma cannot make the same amount of money if people used other safer remedies from nature instead of their snake oil.

    As always, we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eat’n and good health.

    Farmer Kevin


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