• Kevin Schmidt
  • Our Secret To Growing Healthy Tomatoes

    In an aquaponic or hydroponic system, the dissolved oxygen levels can mean the difference between thriving plant growth and a dismal, weak plant.

    Take a look at the photo below. All of the tomato plants on the left are big, full and most importantly, producing tasty tomatoes.

    From the center of the tomato wall, all the way to the end on the right you can visibly see how they become thin, fragile, and produce fewer tomatoes.

    After a few tests it became clear the ingredient that was missing was oxygen. Everything else was perfect.

    As the oxygenated water entered the trough on the left, those tomatoes absorbed almost all of the oxygen. This became a problem because there was not enough left for the rest of the plants.

    Where There Is A Problem, We Always Find A Solution

    To provide more oxygen, we ran two inch PVC pipe down the center of the trough adding hoses with air stones. Then dropped them into the troughs. We then placed one in the center of the tomato trough.

    In only one day the tomatoes became much healthier.

    The moral of the story is to create a checklist of what the perfect water conditions must be to grow incredible, healthy plants. Then when something doesn’t appear right, go through that list to determine what needs to happen to solve the issue.

    Creating similar lists also works in any business to quickly find solutions to most issues.

    As always we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eating,

    Farmer Kevin

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