• Kevin Schmidt
  • Tired of Mosquitoes? Get Rid of Them in Two Easy Steps

    Tired of those pesky mosquitoes from this past spring and summer? Enjoy your property without having to fight them off. Follow these two easy steps now before winter to ensure a mosquito-free spring season.

    1)  Put up bat boxes

    The bat box above is set about 6 feet off the ground. We also experimented with other ones about 20 feet high, see the picture below. Both work great.

    Last winter we noticed that the bats hid inside the boxes to stay warm. Then, as warmer weather approached, the bats came out and dined on all the mosquitoes, thus leaving us to enjoy the farm peacefully.

    We have ten bat boxes on our farm (approximately 100 acres). Without step two, these would likely be enough to get rid of the stinging pests. Although with step two, you are all but assured you will not be stung on your property. 


    2)  Put up Martin Bird Houses

    After placing nine Martin Bird Houses around the farm, along with the bat boxes, we have had almost no mosquitoes.

    Both the bat boxes and Martin Bird Houses are easy to put up. Even better, they are inexpensive. If you put them out now you shouldn’t notice any mosquitoes next summer, unless you go to someone else’s house that doesn’t have them.

    Remember, we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eat’n, and a great next year without mosquitoes.

    Farmer Kevin


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