• Kevin Schmidt
  • Be Successful By Planning For The Worst… While Hoping For The Best

    Many things can go right in farming, but the unexpected can happen and throw a wrench into the spokes.

    That’s why it’s critical for farmers to plan for unfortunate events because they will happen. And when they do, BAM!!! We are ready and nothing slows down producing tasty organic food.

    For example, you and I both depend on electricity to run our homes and everything else. What if a storm knocks out power for a few days? In our case, we would have a disaster if there were not a plan in place.

    That’s why we plan for the worst so it doesn’t stop production. There are water pumps, heaters, fans, grow lights, etc., that if they stop we could lose a harvest. We can’t have that.

    So to provide our family grown food to you in the most unforeseen circumstances, we built redundant systems.

    For instance, we have backup solar pumps, a wood burning firehouse that provides heat to the greenhouses, propane generators, and we built a string of inventive machines that operate manually. All this planning was in an effort to avoid any down time.

    We just hope these measures never become necessary to use. Yet if they are required… then we will be ready.

    Take this for example, we are building a lettuce dryer that spins the water off the lettuce with a simple hand crank. If electricity is lost, we will still be able to dry lettuce. (By the way, this would work great for small farmers who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a commercial lettuce dryer.)

    There are also little things that all of us can do to plan for the worst, just think of it as an insurance policy. You hope it’s not needed, but when it is, you’re glad you have it.

    As always, we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eat’n,

    Farmer Kevin

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