• Kevin Schmidt
  • Local School District Goes Organic

    Doodley Dee’s Farm is extremely encouraged and happy that Jefferson, Texas ISD made the effort to include organic food in student lunches.

    What a great first step!

    The top administrators from Jefferson ISD contacted us to be involved in their movement to spearhead feeding students the nutrition they need. And, take the first steps to replace the chemical-laden poison that’s creating sluggish and overweight kids.

    We are very proud of their conscience decision to not only educate, but to properly nourish their students, with the goal of improving mental focus in class and better all around health. Hopefully, more school districts follow Jefferson’s lead.

    It seems like common sense to feed our youth clean food, but it isn’t always top priority. We understand many schools have budgetary cutbacks, and we will work with you to provide affordable and nutritious produce to feed the bright minds of the next generation.

    Way to go Jefferson ISD! You deserve a huge pat on the back for being one of the first to insist on wholesome (and local) nourishment for the children in our community.

    As always, we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eatin’!

    Farmer Kevin

    Please continue to spread the word about our family farm providing local organic food. We sincerely appreciate all the great word of mouth that you already do… keep it up.

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