• Kevin Schmidt
  • Students Taught to Rethink Food Choices in One Local School District

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    Foresight and courage from the Jefferson Texas Independent School District is reaching out to the hearts and minds (and bodies) of their students. An effort is being made to teach students how to rethink their food choices.

    What a bold move! How did this courageous effort start?

    First, the administrators began purchasing local organic food to nourish their students. Second, they brought in a local organic farmer, me – Kevin Schmidt from Doodley Dee’s Farm, to lecture the students on how food can be grown in a clean and healthy manner.


    One of the first steps in changing the culture of how we think of food is to show our youth better ways to feed their bodies. By having local organic farmers introduce food-growing practices that benefit our youth and everyone else, we can and will change how people view non-organic food.

    Most Non-Organic Food = POISON

    The younger generation is beginning to open their eyes to the harmful food that surrounds them. This realization has created a movement to eat local and organic produce to rid their bodies of deadly toxins.

    The direction of food production will change if more of the younger generation becomes aware of what goes into their bodies. So there is hope! Especially when schools are asking me, a local organic farmer, to teach students better ways of farming.

    If you want to make a positive change in the environment and introduce your students to healthier eating habits – then send me an email (kevin@doodleydeesfarm.com) and request that I speak at your school.

    We at Doodley Dee’s Farm love introducing kids to earth-saving farming techniques that are also beneficial to their growing bodies.

    As always we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eat’n.

    Farmer Kevin

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