• Kevin Schmidt
  • WARNING: Pharmaceutical Companies Could Be Losing Business

    Locals Are Getting Healthier And Cutting Into Pill Makers' Profits 

    People in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana are building grassroots efforts to eat not only better, but also more ethically.

    Living healthier, having more organic food choices, and treating life with respect considerably reduce the profits to industries that depend on the sick population.

    That’s why we at Doodley Dee’s Farm are excited about local area groups bringing people together to lower the risk of unhealthy living.

    The Slow Food movement is taking off in Shreveport. Largely spearheaded by Angie White (www.slowfoodnorthla.org), local chefs, and people like you wanting to buy locally grown, healthy food. Just look how many people showed up at the Independence Sky Box early last Saturday morning. It was a packed house!

    People came from all over the Ark-La-Tex, sacrificing a beautiful Saturday morning to learn about locally grown food. It’s truly thrilling that individuals are taking charge and making real positive changes by supporting local farmers (once again).


    More People Want To Put A Dent In Big Pharma and Big Agriculture’s Poison Profits 

    In the picturesque East Texas town of Marshall, Ed and Mandy Smith help lead the way to a better diet by promoting a vegan lifestyle. While I’m not vegan, I certainly support the ethical treatment of animals before and during slaughter. 

    Obviously, our farm passionately loves to see people taking care of themselves by eating good food… free of harmful chemicals, and all the “cides” most people don’t even know they’re eating. 

    Also, it’s a pleasure to give full support to movements like Get Healthy Marshall (www.gethealthymarshall.com). Once again, look at the people who showed up a few days ago at Central Perks wonderful restaurant to listen to author and expert on healthy eating, Erik Marcus.

    Here I am, Farmer Kevin, purchasing Erik’s book after his informative talk.

    The positive ethical energy alone seems reason enough to eat open pasture, grass-fed beef instead of beef from filthy, miserable conditions. Supporting free-range chicken eggs in lieu of the mini prisons where chickens are tortured is definitely the right thing to do. Consuming bacon (pork) from stress-free hogs instead of from pigs in cages where they cannot walk only increases the happiness of our own souls.

    What an exciting time to be alive when people can affect the humane treatment of animals by voting with their dollars at the grocery store!

    When we buy wholesomely grown food and not the other crud (that’s a technical word) the food producers take notice. We all have better choices as a result. 

    Keeping Up The Good Fight 

    We are beginning to show signs that together, we can win the fight for healthier food choices.

    As always, we share our knowledge with you, please share yours with us.

    Here’s to good eat’n,

    Farmer Kevin 

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