• Kevin Schmidt
  • Applauding Schools That Give Students A Chance To Learn Outside Of The Classroom

    Interacting with all these hopeful kids with their entire lives in front of them, while exploring the farm with great awe, gives me an uneasy pause.

    Instead of the usual thrill of opening young minds to the incredible ways available to provide good clean food, I couldn’t remove the dark truth of what these kids face. The disturbing fact lingers in my mind - about half of these kids are going to experience cancer in their lives, which is saddening and sickening.

    Upon some reflection after they drove off in their school bus, I began to think of the things teachers told me 30 years ago at their age. This exercise deeply shocked me.

    The importance of what we put into our bodies was never stressed in school then, nor is it today. All the relevant studies concerning nutrition: how good food keeps the mind focused, creates better learning opportunities, and fosters a healthier outlook on life, is not stressed.

    Nobody taught us that, nor was it seriously discussed in school. And it still isn’t today.

    Almost every illness is a direct result of the body lacking the proper nutrition. That was never taught then, nor now. Shockingly, nutrition is NOT even the focus in medical schools, only toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

    In retrospect, we were brainwashed with silly things - such as the world was going to run out of oil by the time I was 40. I turned 40 five years ago, and the world is overflowing with oil which has driven down the cost of gas.

    In just the past two decades, we have discovered more oil and natural gas to supply the world’s energy needs for untold decades. The brainwashing didn’t stop there. We were force-fed 30 years ago that overpopulation would destroy humanity and there would be no way to feed the world.

    Yet today we have the largest corn, wheat and other foodstuff supplies in storage facilities than we have ever had at any point in human history - with the largest population ever recorded.

    Where is the problem?

    We throw away more food now (or what we call food) than any other time in human existence. That’s just scratching the surface of some of the foolishness that we were taught in my generation. I can only imagine the nonsense that is forced upon these children today. Certainly, that’s a blight upon all of us by not teaching critical thinking by questioning and examining every aspect of what we have been taught and why. These kids at the farm today had extreme curiosity beaming from their bright eyes. I hope and pray it’s not diminished by the misrepresentation of facts and complete adulteration of the truth.

    There are many well intentioned teachers, many good ones, and yet that does not negate the fact the majority only teach what they’ve been taught or instructed to teach without any examination themselves. The lack of critical thinking, useful tools taught, and deep exploration into financial and political history to prevent previous mistakes are all missing from their curriculum.

    Nor do these kids realize that their daily daycare, or to be truthfully blunt, these indoctrination camps designed to stifle individualism is shamefully being funded by forcing all people to be forever tenants on what would be their property. Currently, no person can ever own a home, only rent it from the government to pay for nonsense. These kids aren’t aware of this fact.

    Half of those kids that drove off today can largely avoid being a statistic of cancer by giving the body what it needs. So why don’t we teach them this?

    The world has the capacity to feed every person on this planet, plus billions more with clean, wholesome food. So why don’t we teach them this?

    The world is overflowing with natural resources such as: oil, natural gas, clean coal, solar, wind, water energy, and much more that is just waiting for these young minds to tap into. So why don’t we teach them this?

    The fundamentals of history, finance, and philosophy are not objectively taught giving the children abilities to critically think. So why don’t we teach them this?

    Building new school buildings, new stadiums, and fancy facilities does not enrich the minds of these kids - nor does it give them the proper tools that they need to understand the realities of this world.

    Ideas, the truth, critical thinking, and the ability to solve problems forms a well-rounded, educated person – Not these superficial toys for the benefit of school boards and politicians.

    I was so thankful to have these kids visit the farm today. Thinking about them and our educational system made me really applaud my mother who has done so much to help dyslexic children throughout the Ark-La-Tex by giving hundreds of teachers real tools to truly help kids through her foundation: A Kid’s Choice.

    I hope and pray that we have many more people like her rise up and begin to challenge the status quo to give these children the tools they need to make our nation be the shining example for the rest of the world.

    Also, having teachers like the ones today that brought these young minds to our farm need to be highlighted and encouraged. Learning consists of more than a classroom. It requires hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge like these type of field trips provide.

    So, I stand up and applaud Elysian Fields High School for taking the effort to give these kids more knowledge and the tools to make a positive difference in their lives.

    Farmer Kevin