• Kevin Schmidt
  • WARNING: Pharmaceutical Companies Could Be Losing Business

    By: Kevin Schmidt on January 29, 2016

    Locals Are Getting Healthier And Cutting Into Pill Makers' Profits

    People in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana are building grassroots efforts to eat not only better, but also more ethically.

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  • Kevin Schmidt
  • What the Big Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know

    By: Kevin Schmidt on September 04, 2015

    For centuries people have been experimenting with cures for every physical ailment - from inflammation, toothaches, headaches, insomnia, to cancer. You name it and somebody somewhere has found a remedy.

    Many are ‘ole wives tales’ that work and some that don’t.

    In my family’s health journey, we have mostly come to distrust Big Pharma as a natural first instinct. 

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