• Kevin Schmidt
  • Using Slopes To Create Food Security & Abundance

    By: Kevin Schmidt on March 20, 2015

    How We Have Started To Build All Natural Food Forest...

    On Surfaces Most People Would Consider A Useless Hill

    What looks like a muddy mess now will soon be natural food abundance that anyone can do on a small piece of land. Read More

  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Some People Don't Want You To Be Healthier... Why?

    By: Kevin Schmidt on February 21, 2015

    And Run From The Way We Have Been Forced To Eat…
    Before You Make The Decision To Be Healthier… Be Careful Because Some People Don’t Want You To…
    Here’s Why… 

    Watch out because the powers that be have just “found” a new disorder for people like you who wish to be healthier.

    Read More