• Kevin Schmidt
  • Discover How Locally Grown Food Can Save Our Communities

    By: Kevin Schmidt on May 22, 2015

    The days of driving down the rustic roads with the family to visit the good ole country farmer have all but vanished. 

    Before my family began our organic farm (which was officially certified organic a few days ago), I never met a local farmer. Probably because there aren't many left. Only faceless huge companies selling us frankenfood with no care for us.

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  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Announcing...The First Way To Get Your Tasty Organic Veggies From Our Family Farm

    By: Kevin Schmidt on May 15, 2015

    The Farmers Market Delivered To Your Door

    If you like the idea of having fresh locally grown food delivered to your door... It's here, Doodley Dee's Farm has the solution.

    Our family agreed to sell some of our produce to Delta Delivered ( so that our great lettuce and veggies can get delivered straight to your door.
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