• Kevin Schmidt
  • How To Use Aquaponic Trays To Your Advantage...

    By: Kevin Schmidt on March 05, 2015

    The Best Floating Trays For Commercial Aquaponics

    The floating tray marketers all say they are the best. Then they list all the “reasons” their product is so wonderful.

    Well we, here at Doodley Dee’s Farm, have experimented with a variety of trays (or boards, troughs… whatever you wish to call them) and none in our experience have lived fully to their promises.

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  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Some People Don't Want You To Be Healthier... Why?

    By: Kevin Schmidt on February 21, 2015

    And Run From The Way We Have Been Forced To Eat…
    Before You Make The Decision To Be Healthier… Be Careful Because Some People Don’t Want You To…
    Here’s Why… 

    Watch out because the powers that be have just “found” a new disorder for people like you who wish to be healthier.

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